VII. Sonnets for Dancer

Your attitude, indelible, speaks of a milder extreme

that would launch our sleek, sweet dreamings alight

upon those dusky harboured nights’ moon laid clean

on the bed like blushing sheets, like welcoming house-light

spies single sliding entrance into body-water replete

with splendor like spangles, curl-floating pinnas sink

like fire into earth, like burning tongue begets teeth

in your haven of dentition, your slippery love rink:

I want it all. Your peaks scaling, valleys sundering,  

trees bent in gentle winds: I seek your fertile soil

with each inspired lung– I turn to you, pondering

those depths we’ve yet to reach, breaching touches roil

you, seas my heartfires boil, as we keep our love pulsing

as beachfronts beat: conversantly coiled, like starfish-holding.

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