Millimeters beyond manageable can’t describe how you feel,

coursing through the promenades that I, for you, unreel

like spools of light, like bounding mountains ring

with an openness that captures us, a magnet to the blood

so bold, so tired, let me cast that balloon snug

in the tearing, bearing, replacing meanings of twenty thrills



Let us walk this path together, a rumbling, sliding fall

into this disintegrating membrane, the anticipated walls

sensing the temperaments, easing the calls sent

from my weeping lungs, the crying far too well spent

like pulsatile passing, people to miss unlasting:



me like that singing storm ring, running through

our attic, those coordinated, passively sprung

pockets collapsing, relaxing when I’ve forgotten to

speak, meekly release these moments, unteased



unbecoming of these highways, rivers, runways

bound to this same circuitry, binds like new currencies

unaccepted, displaced from roots quite aortic,



achieved with fire, restarted, again ignited

for a moment to sign AMA,



with thousands of my infinitesimal frays,




still I dream,

I take me a way.

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