Shabbat Queen

One blinding bliss, one holy shroud,

two binding prudent vows,

we understand our other as knowledge does endow

with kindness unrelenting, with mercy uncowed

by solemnity sent silently, our hearts’ quivering sound,

yet beauty is triumphant and our love sings aloud

as victory arrives as brilliant

as glory rings proud

in the foundation of our tenement,

my hallowed queen’s grounds.

I draw you up as water

coloring in heavenly bounds

with wine skies’ saunter

toward the son’s setting down

of a course wrought longingly,

how our stars spin round.

I call you up as the sun begets

a spiraling life ahead

on the foundation of the firmament

cast in celebration overhead

a victory won easily

with prayer, discipline, and grace

as your beauty held inwardly

radiates our golden time encased

in finitude no more severe than mercy could allow

to truly know, to understand what kindness has bestowed

in a perfect pair, a union sure as diambic life avows,

the One in you meets the one in me as our boundaries soon dissolve.

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